Yahoo Pipes + Google Earth = News Around The World

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Application “launcher” here.

This is a simple “experiment” using new Geo features in yahoo pipes. It tries to locate news over Google Earth using a KML generated by Yahoo Pipes.

A Couple of screen captures here:
Yahoo Pipes + Google Earth = News Around The World

Yahoo Pipes + Google Earth = News Around The World 2

Application “launcher” here.

Mashing up, Around The World, Around The World…


Are Mashups and Yahoo Pipes ready for Production?

May 28, 2007 at 2:29 pm | Posted in mashup, yahoo pipes | 1 Comment

As someone said, Yahoo Pipes is a dream come true for Web Developers and RSS/XML Fanatics: Easy to use, growing component base, cloning (a really useful “copy/paste” feature that helps you to learn many tricks from other people)

According to Pasha Sadri (here): After all, you can just as well build your own web platform based on Pipes and then find a way to make money off of it.

Is that really true? I know, pipes stills in beta, but frecuently downtime and errors can make you sad:

2007/02/08 Downtime : “As many of you noticed, we’ve had some downtime today as we try to cope with the unexpected heavy load. We’re working on adding more capacity and hope to be back to normal soon.

But, a “dream come true” to developers can overwhelm your servers, as Pasha Sandri says in “Crazy 72 hours“: “It’s been almost 72 hours since our beta launch. Needless to say, the response to Pipes has been overwhelming for everyone on the team (and our servers!). I have finally had a chance to relax/sleep after addressing some of the immediate issues.”

(More downtime, here and here).

Really nice in terms of product’s reception, but annoying if you create pipes that doesn’t work as expected . (rss problems, server failures, non friendly errors during “development”…).

What if your $450m idea depends completely on someone else’s services and data? (perhaps a Web as Platform mashup monster that you feed with tons of public feeds and web services ).

Maybe you are playing god with your big Mashup, maybe you are becoming a Victor Frankenstein powered by RSS and REST. But remember, Mary Shelley’s novel doesn’t have a happy ending. Don’t forget that god doesn’t have to worry about QoS, high Availability, performance,cache, latency, Maintainability, clusters, distributed processing, team management, bug tracking, unit testing, load testing, concurrency, business plans, ROI…

Maybe for such kind of “big commercial mashups”, public free web services and data are not enough. High availability and data quality are big issues that have a price, and -obviously- you will have to pay it.

Finally, a gentle introduction to Yahoo Pipes: (for newbies and curious minds).

Pipes: A Tool For Remixing the Web

Flex Based Mashup: lastTube, meets Youtube.

May 7, 2007 at 7:02 pm | Posted in as3, flex2,, mashup, video, yahoo pipes, youtube | 7 Comments

As a “proof of concept” and challenge for myself, I have create a Client Mashup using Flex 2 and Public Web Services.

Constraints: No server side code created. Only one day of work.

Result: “lastTube, meets Youtube”

Basically you can easily view Youtube’s videos related to your Recently Listened Tracks published in

Brief Description, Details and Application’s Launcher here:

Screen Capture:

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