Multiple Yahoo! maps in a Flex 2 Application

February 19, 2007 at 8:53 am | Posted in flex2, yahoo maps | 2 Comments

(I have post this question in Flexcoders)

I am using this technique to embed a yahoo map in my flex 2 application: Inserting Yahoo! maps in a Flex 2 application

I have made some changes intended to support multiple instances of yahoo map control in my app (MDI application).

As you can see in this image:

Multiple Yahoo Maps in Flex 2

– first map window (background): OK

– second map window (front): Problems…it only shows yahoo logos…
map tools and images are not shown…

any help?

is there some kind of restriction related to number of yahoo map
objects that can be instantiated at the same time by the same
flash/flex 2 application ?

Thanks for your help.


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