Flash debug player 9,0,28,0 – Problems on Install

January 13, 2007 at 4:04 pm | Posted in Flash Player | Leave a comment

I had some problems installing version 9,0,28,0 of the flash debug player…never updates the flashlog.txt (internet explorer or firefox)… I had to get back to 9,0,15,0 version.. ( in firefox… Internet explorer never works…)

These are some related links that can help you (but none works for my flashlog.txt problem 😦 ):

Flash Player Downloads

Flex Builder 2 Issue: Installed Flash Player is Not a Debugger

Installing Flash Player 9

Debugging Client-Side Code in Flex Applications

Livedocs: Configuring the debugger version of Flash Player

Trace from the browser, using standard trace()


Finally (after some other tests…)

– Debugging with flex builder was possible using Internet Explorer and player 9,0,28,0 (forget firefox debugging…)… including debugging of Modules

– External  flashlog.txt isn’t generated with debug player 9,0,28,0 in my development enviroment (IE or Firefox).


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