Google Maps Mashup: News Explorer

July 15, 2007 at 1:21 am | Posted in ajax, google maps | 9 Comments

This is mi first Google Maps / Ajax  based Mashup.  It tries to “geolocate”  RSS news and show them over Google Maps.  Here a Screenshot:
News Explorer

Live Action” here: Google Maps News Explorer

Known Issues:  Sometimes you have to click “view” 2 or three times to view news over the map (It seems that there are some problems in the service that provides RSS to GeoRSS conversion)

Lessons Learned: Ajax programming can be really painful.   Firebug rocks!!!

(Coming Soon: A little tutorial on “How to create your own Google Maps News Explorer”).



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  1. Hi
    I was looking for tutorials about yahoo maps and i found your blog where i saw you trying to make a mashup with yahoo maps, so tell me why did you change to google maps?

  2. Hi.
    Those are two different mashups…

    A flex app using yahoo maps as an embedded movieclip:

    and the news mashup using javascript and google maps:

    (sometimes is useful some javascript… but my favorite tool to develop UI is AS3 and Flex 2)

  3. hi
    i’m begginer on AS3 and Flex 2 programming but i have experience with flash.

    I’m trying for days to make a mashup with yahoo maps but i’ve found many doubts, that’s why i’ve asked why did you change.

    If you could help i’ll be grateful.

    my doubts:

    1st- How can we control the custom POI when we add those by latlon, i mean, i’d like to make a button that when i click it opens a marker i tell it to open, so i need to reference that marker

    2nd- Using flex 2 comunication kit yahoo provides how can we interact with custom swf?

    3rd- i’d like to insert a slideshow inside a marker , do you know how to do it?


  4. hi….
    1. did you look at Yahoo! Maps Flex API ?

    2. Inserting Yahoo! maps in a Flex 2 application

    3. May that is not possible…I am not sure
    you could take a look to this: Reference Manual for the Yahoo! Maps Flash APIs

  5. Hi,

    am trying to put this google news widget into my Flex Application but unfortunately i couldn’t find the proper source-code.Can you tell where can i find the source-code for Flex.

    Thanks in Advance.

  6. for flex you can use this

  7. Hi Boss,

    I have already seen this one but it is useful for me.I want news something like above google news application which can be used along with the mxml(Adobe Flex) and Action script(as).I couldn’t see the fully source-code anywhere?

  8. At this moment (as a “demo app”) I am porting the old javascript version of the news viewer to a brand new version using flex 3 and flash player 10.
    I haven’t finished yet, but in the next weeks I hope to publish that new app with accompanying source code.

  9. Hi,

    once you have done, just inform me through mail or else i will check it out here itself.Don’t forget to share your code here.

    I hope soon you will complete this application using flex(mxml and action script)

    ok bye

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