LastTube Buzz!

May 23, 2007 at 11:49 pm | Posted in, lastTube, mashup, youtube | 4 Comments

Thank you all for your support. It seems that many people like LastTube (my little “One Day Mashup” experiment).

Some Buzz around LastTube:

– “Take Lasttube for example. It’s a great web-based video player combining and Youtube, glued together with Yahoo Pipes and Adobe Flex 2. It’s been whipped up by one lone programmer in Colombia of all places, who by his own account only needed one day to complete this project, including coding, testing, googling and lunch time.”

Janko leaves a couple of interesting questions on the table:

“If mashup programmers can do stuff like this in no time – what does that mean for start-ups like For one thing, they really have to try harder”.

“People have been questioning the commercial viability of mashups for quite some time now. Is it possible to make money, build businesses with someone else’s data feeds? Maybe that question was wrong from the beginning. Instead, we should have used mashups as a kind of litmus test for commercial web offerings and asked: Is there really a business model for a start-up if someone else could achieve the same thing with a quick mashup?

  • My “ meets YouTube” original pipe on the top of “Hot Pipes” in Yahoo Pipes during last weeks: (195 clones… and growing ;))

lasttube pipe

  • You Got Your in My You Tube: (Nice review with some suggestions for a next release) “The ability to access a filtered list of videos based on my listening behavior is a great feature. ..The overall UI is clean, simple and easy-to-use.”
  • The Evil Robot and Mashups: (Evil Robot says: It seems that is easy to use Web Services with Adobe Flex) “Además, aparentemente es facil hacer que una informacion publicada en un sitio web pueda ser leida por un “applet” de flash publicado en otro sitio (public web services). Con el plugin de java era practicamente imposible hacerlo.
  • 10 Pipes for Your Tubes: “Here’s a list of the ten of the most useful video mashups to date: 1. meets Youtube. This mashup searches Youtube for videos of the last ten tracks you played on”



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  1. Very cool, congrats!


  2. Thanks Matt

  3. LastTube Buzz! « Developing RIA’s with Flex2 in Colombia

    A Flex based mashup that uses Yahoo Pipes to mashup and YouTube.

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